Trenorth does not use Cookies

Trenorth operates in the Business to Business Sector

Before the days of the internet and websites, companies would prepare leaflets and pamphlets, send them to prospective clients, and hope for the best. With response rates for B2B marketing efforts less than 3%, that means that 97 out of every 100 leaflets either end up in the trash or clutter your intray for a couple of weeks. We didn't know who you were then.
So, just because you are reading this, it means that our 'electronic' leaflet has stopped our contribution to the problem of waste in making paper, BUT knowing who you are doesn't make a difference. You could be a casual browser, just looking at where our Gareth works, or just checking the competition. Therefore, we cannot class you as a 'hot-lead' to follow up. 
So cookies serve no purpose, so we don't use them.