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Before the days of the internet and websites, companies would prepare leaflets and pamphlets, send them to prospective clients, and hope for the best. With response rates for B2B marketing efforts less than 3%, that means that 97 out of every 100 leaflets either end up in the trash or clutter your intray for a couple of weeks. We didn't know who you were then.
So, just because you are reading this, it means that our 'electronic' leaflet has stopped our contribution to the problem of waste in making paper, BUT knowing who you are doesn't make a difference. You could be a casual browser, just looking at where our Gareth works, or just checking the competition. Therefore, we cannot class you as a 'hot-lead' to follow up. 
So cookies serve no purpose, so we don't use them.

Trenorth Project Management and Deployment Services

Translating an idea into a tangible, fully-integrated, serviceable and profitable end result can either be easy, or sadly, very difficult. Without the right resources and the dedicated personnel, multple events can present a problem, delay or ultimately, failure.

At the risk of patronising you, take the simple task of making a cup of tea. Simple: Heat water, pour over tea leaves, allow to steep, pour into a cup, compliment with milk or sugar to taste, drink and enjoy. Something we do countless times, yet, have you ever considered how complex this actually is and the dependencies attached? Which tea, how much water, loose leaves or bagged, how to heat the water, which cup to use, sugar or sweetner, which milk and of course the age old add milk first or last. Google Search returns 210 million results on this simple query with no definitive answer. Then of course, you have to ensure that you have the right tools and supplies necessary to actually make the tea in the first place. And allow for additional steps should anything interupt what should be straight-forward, for example, you run out of tea, the teapot or cups are dirty and need to be washed first, the outlet you use to heat the water is being used to power your laptop for that vital conference call. Even seemingly randon events half a world away can cause you to be unable to enjoy your drink: A collision between to ships in India blocks a port, raw tea cannot reach the producer, the supermarket runs out.

Now equate that with deploying a computer system or new software, especially when IT is totally outside of your profession. You may be the most highly educated world renowned expert in your field, could explain the solution to Fermat's Last Theorem, which took 358 years to prove and the international Able Prize was awarded to Andrew Wiles for solving it. But, that doesn't mean that at 2:00am in a deserted production floor you can solve the problem of a breakdown of a boomlift that delays the installation of a cable without which production cannot start at 7:00 am. Nor does it mean that you have the skills to arrange for a helicopter rendezvous in the middle of the Mojave desert to enable technicians to get to the top of a mountain to install software on a switch to enable the wireless part of a wide area network. This is not an insult: specialists are specialists, in their field.

Trenorth is in its second decade of providing project management and deployment services and bear the scars to prove it. With experience in almost every aspect of information technology, from software development to mobile applications, from computer room builds through to network development, from SCADA to SharePoint, right down to simple desktop refresh, Trenorth has been able to use its knowledge and experience for a wide-range of clients, in Government, State, County and the private sectors. Trenorth has also worked across a wide range of industry sectors, including entertainment, utilities, state agencies, healthcare, law and FMCG distribution, both in Europe and the United States.

Trenorth also has full experience of working with almost all of the major Project Management tools, reporting and representation at all business levels. Trenorth also has access to specialists in nearly every discipline that coupled with experience can contribute to your projects' ultimate success.

But, don't expect a cup of tea from us: Not because we cannot make it, write a detailed project plan, execute the necessary steps and deal with the contingencies, but a more simple reason: We do not like tea.

It is really that simple

Engaging Trenorth for project management and deployment needs is easy. We work either as part of an established team or as a discrete vendor to you, bringing our full wealth of experience gained over two decades and full access to the additional services we provide. Our pricing structure and flexible terms are designed to work with your needs and established processes.

Trenorth also offers an 'on-demand' service, allowing companies to purchase a block of hours and call off what is necessary for that particular project. This also offers discounted rates for additional hours as necessary.

So, how?

Contact our Gareth with your needs, we will get back to you to discuss how we can help.